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Delivering news is a big responsibility and in this age of so much digital channels, “Live news headline”, plays their role religiously. They understand that news is not just to deliver all the stuff happening around the world. But to deliver the background information as well.

For that purpose we have several economic experts and journalists who write specifically for the news happening around the world. They shed light on the underlying reasons for the stuff happening. So, they try their best to make our audience aware about the unknown reasons.

Live news headlines is an international news site where we leave nothing behind. Every person having whatever taste can find some sort of news in which he or she can be interested in.

We know that this is not just about the content or filling our site with tremendous pages. It is about you, for the people who are interested in current affairs happening all around the world.

As it is a big responsibility to share the news with audience all over the world. Therefore, we invite our fellow bloggers to avail the opportunity of guest posting.

Yes, live news headline provides the service of guest posting for talented and new bloggers which have just joined this niche.

What is Guest posting?

Well some of you may not be aware about guest posting. But, do not worry we are here to summarize the stuff for easy understanding. Basically when any blogger writes for any other site related to their market is called guest posting.

Many people out there confuse it with the affiliate marketing. No, it is different. It is not a plain post that you publish on your website. It is when you avail the service of writing for other site.

Advantages of guest posting:

Guest posting has many benefits especially for the young and new bloggers which have a lot of insecurities about blogging and writing articles. By availing our service we promise you:

  1. Enhanced traffic. Yes, traffic is the core advantage of buying guest posting from websites. As the young bloggers do not have vast audience available because they have just come up to the internet, so, by using our service they write for us and then they use our link in their blog. As a result, they attract more traffic. Not only the previous one, but they also hit unexplored audiences.
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Write for us:

So I am sure all the fellow bloggers are now convinces for guest post writing. So, how to do it?

  • First email us at with your convincing pitch draft. Use the word “Pitch” in your email subject. Try to paste the paragraph in the email body and do not attach anything else.
  • Keep in mind once you are confirmed for the guest post you have to pace up with the Google article writing standard.
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