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Who are the 9 Arab women ministers in the Israeli parliament?

Who are the 9 Arab women ministers in the Israeli parliament?

For the first time in Israel’s history, the coalition government included nine women ministers.

According to Al-Arabiya, for the first time in the history of Israel, nine women ministers have been included in any cabinet. 2 women are from Morocco.


The women of Arab descent include 58-year-old Economy Minister Orna Barbawei, the first woman in the Israeli army to be promoted to the rank of Major General.

Orna’s mother emigrated from Iraq and her father from Romania to Israel. Orna, who belongs to the White and Blue Party, has been a Member of Parliament since 2019. He graduated with a master’s degree in sociology and a master’s degree in business administration.

Ilt Shaked

Also among the Iraqi women ministers is 45-year-old Eilat Sheikad. Eilat’s father, who served as interior minister in the new government, emigrated from Iraq via Iran to Israel in the 1950s. Eilat completed a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and then a computer science degree. She has also served in the Israeli army.


Yafat Sasha Beaton, 48, is the new education minister. Yifaat Sasha’s mother was a nurse in Morocco, while her father was from Iraq. Prior to his Israeli emigration, he was involved in the transportation business.

My elbow

The new government will be led by 38-year-old Marie Cohen, a social equality writer. His parents were from Morocco. Marie Cohen holds a Masters in Economics and Business Administration.

Karen Al-Harar

Karen Al-Harar – Hurstine also belongs to a Moroccan family who immigrated to Israel in the 1950s. Karen holds a master’s degree in law. She will serve as energy minister in the new government.

Pina Tamano

Pina Tamano, a 40-year-old penman in the Israeli government’s immigration ministry, has been named. She was born in Ethiopia and then emigrated to Israel with her parents and siblings when she was 3 years old. He is a law graduate. He is the first Ethiopian to win a seat in the Israeli parliament. He belongs to the Blue and White Party.

My Michael

In the new cabinet, we also have Mario Michael, 54, a radio and TV presenter and journalist. Mero, a well-known figure in Israel, heads a “work party.” His family is from Hungary. Mirao has the Ministry of Transport.
Tamar Zendberg

Tamar Zendberg, 44, is a member of the “Merits Party” in the Israeli parliament. She is the sister of former Israeli footballer Michael Zendberg.

Aort Frax

The last of the women ministers in the Israeli government is 50-year-old Ort Faraksh. She will be the penman of the Ministry of Science and Creativity. Orit was the Minister of Tourism in the previous government. He belongs to the “Blue and White” party


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