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What is the ‘Journeys’ feature in Google Chrome?

What is the ‘Journeys’ feature in Google Chrome? A new feature called “Journeys” has been added to the Google Chrome…

By Jack , in Latest , at March 28, 2022

What is the ‘Journeys’ feature in Google Chrome?
A new feature called “Journeys” has been added to the Google Chrome History tab to better manage browsing history.

Note that pressing Ctrl + H in the Google Chrome web browser opens the History tab, which contains links to websites and pages you’ve visited in minutes, hours, days, and weeks.

Traditionally, in the History tab, all the pages you’ve visited are sorted by time: the latest viewed page / link at the top and the oldest page / link at the bottom.
However, if you want to find something special in your browser history, this task can be very difficult at times.

Google Chrome has introduced a new feature called “Journeys” to streamline browser history and improve search for what is needed in it.

By the way, this feature was announced about a month and a half ago, on February 7, but for Pakistani users, this change in “Chrome” has been made during the recent updates. And this series is still going on.

After this update, when you open the History tab in Chrome, two options will appear at the top: List and Journeys.


Selecting the list option will have the same old style history page in front of you but if you select “Journeys” then you will see the history page divided into different sections.

Each of these sections presents to you a group of searches and related websites related to a particular word, or individual pages of a website.

This will make it easier for you to review your browser history by looking at specific words or topics.

Not only that, but when you search the browser history in the “Journeys” feature, the search results will also come to you in the form of groups.


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