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What is so special about this unique house in the world?

What is so special about this unique house in the world?
New architectural innovations are being developed to meet the housing needs of a growing population around the world, including 3D-printed homes, which cost significantly less than ordinary homes.

According to the international website, for the first time in Europe, a complete house has been made with a 3D printer in which a couple has taken up residence.

Dutch couple Elise Lewitz and Harry Decker have moved into a 3D printer-like home that looks like a glacier, Europe’s first legally owned 3D-printed property.

Its load-bearing walls are made with 3D printing technology and the whole house is equipped with the latest technology.

It does not have the option to open the front door with a key, but the door is opened with an app.

“The house feels like a bunker, safe, but beautiful,” said Elise Lewitz. It is very difficult and expensive to build a house with such a structure using traditional methods, but 3D printing reduces the cost considerably.

It was built by a construction company, St. Gobin Weber B. Max, and covers an area of ​​94 square meters.

A large robotic arm and nozzle were used for 3D printing of this house, with the addition of a special cement. The structure was later printed after the architect’s design and the walls were reinforced by adding one layer after another.


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