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What can I do when the first anniversary comes?

What can I do when the first anniversary comes?

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a few minutes when you said “I do” but the year has passed and you’re searching for ideas for your first anniversary to celebrate the event. The typical first wedding anniversary is one of the “paper” wedding anniversary, meaning that you’re supposed to celebrate by gifting each other with gifts made of paper. We like this concept, we think it’s fun to break from the tradition and mark your first anniversary with a memorable party.

Travel back to the past

Have you ever wished you could revisit the day you were married (only every day, right?) You can. A bit. It is possible to go back in time, back to the spot where you took your vows. If you got married in the hotel, you can arrange a room reservation for one night. If no wedding is planned, you can make an arrangement for an additional wedding room. If you’re having your wedding in a restaurant, make certain to stay to eat dinner and possibly bring home the food you enjoyed at the reception. If you have reserved the cake, then you should absolutely enjoy dessert, too or return at home to enjoy the topmost layer of cake.

Take your wedding cake to the most romantic spot

It is commonplace to serve the highest tier of your wedding cake on the first anniversary. It’s a tradition that could be elevated by choosing the most romantic spot you can imagine to have your cake. If it’s a beach with a moonlit sunset or the location where you met your first date, select a spot that you love and make it memorable.

Go on a second honeymoon

It’s a breeze while you’re enjoying yourself. But if the tranquility and happiness of your honeymoon seems too far away leave town. It’s actually true. It doesn’t have to be as lavish like your wedding (but it could be) but it’s just going to need to be a time for closing and bonding, and creating memories to begin the second year of your wedding and for the remainder of your lives together.

Look stunning and go out for a night on the town

Last time you got professional makeup done or had your hair done professionally was at your wedding. (If not, we’re jealous.) So , go ahead and dress to go out for the night. Find a room in an elegant restaurant or purchase tickets for a show as an excuse to dress for a night out (not that you require an excuse).

This is the most prestigious night out.

This isn’t your usual Friday night with popcorn and wine. Think about having a relaxing massage at your home (services such as Zeel offer treatments at your doorstep) and sexy lingerie music, candles , and many more. It’s possible to skip taking out and cook your own favorite meal with your family or go to your preferred fine restaurant. You don’t need to leave your house (or in your room) to commemorate an anniversary that you’ll be able to be able to remember.

Surprise yourself

When your budget has recovered from the expenses of wedding planning, you can celebrate your wedding anniversary by gifting it something unique. This could include a wedding ring that is left-handed or the latest technology or something you bought as a couple to last for years or an original piece of art, or an older one. It might mark the first occasion that you’ve been able to pamper yourself with something extra in the years of your wedding, so take time to take pleasure in the experience and believe that you are worthy of it.

Buy a couple of tattoos

Are you thinking of buying a set of couple tattoos? The anniversary of your first wedding is the perfect opportunity to purchase matching tattoos. Purchase tattoos that symbolize something significant to you both.



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