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Transparency International showed the glass

Transparency International showed the glass What’s wrong with showing a mirror? But our writing has deteriorated so much that when…

By Jack , in Latest Business World , at January 31, 2021

Transparency International showed the glass
What’s wrong with showing a mirror? But our writing has deteriorated so much that when you look at your picture in the mirror, you start to deteriorate. Each year, Transparency International reviews the perceptions of corruption in 180 countries, based on in-depth surveys by a dozen international organizations.

In this way, she points out the weaknesses and shows the way to improve the situation. Where the system is as corrupt and the rulers as rotten but the arrogant arrogance, instead of remorse, so many useless interpretations are fabricated and the channels of corruption are spread.

For the first time in Pakistan, a prudent government came on the basis that it would rid the country of the scourge of corruption and hold corrupt elements accountable in such a way that no one would dare to commit corruption in the future. Well, the third year is coming to an end, there is corruption that has increased and previous records have been broken.

This year, Pakistan’s ranking in the global corruption rankings has risen from 120 to 124 and its number in the 100 marks has dropped from 32 last year to 31. Even in Afghanistan, there has been some improvement, but our system continues to decline.

Now how can the army of PTI spokespersons hide their faces? Without reading the report, the Prime Minister clarified that the figures of the 2020 report are for the year 2018 of the Sharif government and his genius has a chance to be ashamed. One left the urge to provide Urdu translation of the report to the opposition.

What about Ansar Abbasi that he not only published a comprehensive summary of this report in The News and its Urdu translation in Jang. Looking at the original report, it was found that there was only one source (African Development Bank CAND Policy and Institutional Rehabilitation Review) of 2018 which was limited to only one aspect.

The reviews of the remaining 11 global organizations are for 2020 and one is for 2019. If you refute the reviews of a dozen international organizations, who will refute them? There was a time when the reports of Transparency International used to mock the misdeeds of the rulers of the past.

Now is the time for the rulers of the past to show the present rulers their “performance”. What an anti-climax that the Prime Minister had to change his first statement and admit at the Sahiwal gathering that he had not read the report yet. Now he hides his face in ignorance. Transparency International’s 2020 report has made the PTI’s accountability project accountable.


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