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Tik Tok announced the introduction of a new feature called ‘Tik Tok Now’

Tik Tok announced the introduction of a new feature called ‘Tik Tok Now’ BEIJING: Tik Tok, a hub for engaging…

By Jack , in Latest World , at September 21, 2022

Tik Tok announced the introduction of a new feature called ‘Tik Tok Now’
BEIJING: Tik Tok, a hub for engaging content creation, today announced the expansion of its creative tools. The purpose of introducing these tools is to continue promoting real and instant connections on the platform with TikTok Now.

Tik Tok Now is a whole new way to entertain and connect on Tik Tok – a daily photo and video sharing experience where users share their most authentic moments with the people in their lives. Tik Tok Now now provides authentication for a whole new and creative experience that connects with communities close to them.

For deeper connections and more fun, TikTok Now invites users and their friends to use their device’s front and back cameras to capture moments while they’re doing something, with a more user-friendly format.
Users are asked daily to, while doing something, create a 10-second video or a still image that they can upload quickly and easily.

TikTok is going to be testing TikTok Now in the coming weeks. In some countries, TikTok Now will be available as a separate app while in others the feature will be available within the TikTok app.

Tik Tok Now is designed with community safety and privacy in mind while empowering and maintaining control over your Tik Tok experience. Creators are empowered to decide who sees their content. Can see and engage in it.

TalkTalk takes the safety of its community very seriously and continues to support the well-being of young people in particular. If the user is under the age of 16, he creates an account on the Tik Tok Now app, just like Tik Tok, initially the account will be private. Users will not be able to share their content on the Explore feed, while commenting options for those between the ages of 13 and 15 will be limited to their friends to help protect against unwanted interactions. .

Individuals over the age of 18 will have more sharing settings available. In addition to sharing with mutual friends, they will also be able to choose to share their posts widely within the TikTok Now community, depending on the privacy settings they choose. The default setting is “Friends can view”.

To change privacy settings in TikTok Now, go to the Posts screen and tap on Friends can view to select the people you want to allow to view your TikTok Now posts. Thus in Friends can view anyone who follows you and whom you follow can see Tik Tok Now while in Everyone area anyone can see your Tik Tok Now posts. Keeping this in mind. That people who don’t follow you, or whom you don’t follow, won’t be able to comment or interact with your Tik Tok Now posts.

Tik Tok has always provided seamless ways for its community to create authentic connections and thus continue to have fun on Tik Top. Tik Tok will be rolled out to people around the world in the coming weeks. TikTok is passionate about learning from its community and improving and expanding its experience.


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