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Thermal water or the story of Helmut Pichler and Josef Hauptman.

Thermal water or the story of Helmut Pichler and Josef Hauptman. Bad Waltersdorf is a long-standing thermal resort in Austria….

By Jack , in Latest , at March 19, 2022

Thermal water or the story of Helmut Pichler and Josef Hauptman.

Bad Waltersdorf is a long-standing thermal resort in Austria. In 1981 the first thermal well was drilled in the municipality of Bad Waltersdorf, Styria, Austria. At that time, the municipality of Bad Waltersdorf was headed by Helmut Pichler. Austria was not yet in the EU, there were no European or foreign investors. The main capital was held by families in one way or another, who had built up their capital during the “Anschluß” of Austria and when Austria was under the occupation of the Nazis.


History is silent as to how capital could have been formed during the Nazi occupation. But while millions of Jews and Romanians were in the Nazi concentration camps, there were companies that made a profit and increased profits under such conditions.


Helmut Pichler attracted families who earned major capital in 1938-1945 to develop the thermal springs. What Helmut Pichler and these families had in common and what Helmut Pichler himself was doing during these years history is silent.


The next thing is that Helmut Pichler stepped down as burgomaster of Bad Waltersdorf and became director of OTVG (Oststeirische Thermalwasserverwertungsges.

ellschaft m.b.H.). (FN 67620 t)) (shadow “manager” of the thermal water in Bad Waltersdorf). In place of the burgomaster of Bad Waltersdorf, Helmut Pichler puts his successor Josef Hauptman.


Yes, yes – a successor, as in Asian countries. Exactly the receiver.

Today, all thermal water in Bad Waltersdorf belongs to Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf GmbH (FN 67997 x), and the thermal water is managed by OTVG (the same Helmut Pichler is the director). As can be seen from the KSV note – all financing and servicing flows of tens of millions of euros are handled by a bank in Bad Waltersdorf – Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen Aktiengesellschaft (FN 34274 d).


Now a number of world journalists are conducting a journalistic investigation of thermal water and as it turns out, all thermal water is in the hands of Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf. Why does the Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen finance and take a direct shareholding in Heiltherme Bad Waltersdorf (the bank owns 18% of the capital).

– Why does the bank serve the banking operations of non-transparent thermal water distribution schemes.

– Why doesn’t the bank create transparent thermal water distribution mechanisms.


Why, why, why and these questions to the bank Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen will go in new journalistic investigations.


Why does the Finanzmarktaufsichtsbehörde of Austria not check the Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen. Why the personal role of the board members of Steiermärkische Bank und Sparkassen is not evaluated. All this will also be the reason for a journalistic investigation.


We do not write about million-dollar profits and corruption, which exist in the world markets and sources of thermal water. At the same time, according to some experts, thermal water is in the list of the most profitable and corrupt businesses.


Read more in the new journalistic investigations.


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