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The most expensive burger in the world, priced at 10 Million

The most expensive burger in the world, priced at 10 Million

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The world’s most expensive burger has been unveiled, dubbed the ‘Golden Boy’. It is manufactured by a Dutch company and costs US 6 6,000 or PKR 9.5 million.

De Daltins restaurant in Worthousen, the Netherlands, has made a delicious burger with large crabs, white truffles and other ingredients. Restaurant owner Robert John D. Wayne was searching for the world’s largest burger on the Internet one day when he came across an Oregon burger shop that cost 000 5,000 and weighed 352 kilograms. This record was set in 2011 but now they intend to make an even more expensive burger.

But instead of a burger weighing several hundred kilograms, they wanted to make a small but expensive burger that the average person could eat. However, he also announced that the proceeds from this most expensive burger would be donated to water projects in poor countries.

The most expensive ingredients are added to this burger called Golden Boy. First of all, it is wrapped in gold foil. Its meat comes from Japan, which is also the most expensive meat. Then Ben is taught to dip in champagne. Saffron is also added to it and mayonnaise made from duck eggs is added. Finally, the burger is washed again.

The first three people ate this most expensive burger and wanted to help charity. If you also want to eat this burger, you have to order Golden Boy at least two weeks in advance.


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