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The glory of Kashmiris!

The glory of Kashmiris! Last week, on February 5, Prime Minister Imran Khan, speaking in Kotli, Azad Kashmir, spoke of…

By Jack , in Latest , at February 14, 2021

The glory of Kashmiris!
Last week, on February 5, Prime Minister Imran Khan, speaking in Kotli, Azad Kashmir, spoke of a third option for Kashmiris, saying, “We will give Kashmiris the right to be free or to live with Pakistan.” Bilawal Bhutto, chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, said that if we talked about Kashmir like Imran Khan, it would be a security risk. Zafar Nigina is also a well known Pakistani journalist and author of several books including “Ghazi Alam Din Shaheed”.

Over the past week, he has also sharply criticized Pakistan’s policy on Kashmir as a whole, including the Prime Minister’s recent statement on several private Pakistani television channels and some YouTube channels. Nigina Sahib has been associated with many other Pakistani dailies including Roznama Jang. She is also a native of Kotli Azad Kashmir. Her father was a Major in the Pakistan Army. The biggest complaint that Nigina Sahib has made is that India has been besieging the occupied valley and its people for the last seven decades, they have been oppressed and for the last one and a half years ie from 5th August 2019 Jammu and Kashmir He also abolished the independent status which he had exclusively under Articles 370 and 35A. Although this is not the case in Azad Kashmir, the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir or the President of Azad Kashmir does not have the status that the leaders of an independent state should have. Should

According to Zafar Iqbal Nigina, why is the power of our Prime Minister less than that of a Chief Secretary? Every day on February 5, emotional speeches are made in the cradle of Kashmir Solidarity Day. Every political party that comes to power in Pakistan has its own priorities. It tries to make its party in Azad Kashmir. There should be power and this fanaticism has swallowed the existence of Kashmir’s own political parties. Many Kashmiri politicians have joined Pakistan’s political parties. Nigina Sahib says that the extreme cruelty is that till the deployment of “IG” police in Azad Kashmir is done by Pakistan Police Force. Is there no competent officer in Azad Kashmir who is in the post of Inspector General of Police? To be posted? The Minister for Kashmir Affairs in Azad Kashmir is trying to keep the leaders of the state parties and various MNAs in his trap. This post is given to people who do not even know the districts of Azad Kashmir. Is it necessary for the Chief Secretary to have all the powers of the Azad Kashmir government?

Zafar Iqbal Nigina’s grievances have their place, but if we go into the details of the recent statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan, many bitter questions do arise. It is his statement that fuels the complaints of Nigina Sahib or many Kashmiris like him that the government of Pakistan wants to see the President of Azad Kashmir as a President like “Fazal Elahi Chaudhry”.

Regardless of this grievance, the fact is that since India has abolished the status quo of the Occupied Territories by enforcing Article 370, then the same enthusiasm for Azad Kashmir at the governmental level in Pakistan and Enthusiasm is unheard of, I myself have lived in London for the last 28 years and witnessed the trend of whether Kashmiri leaders or Pakistanis all come here to verbally raise funds for the independence of Kashmir and raise support or donations for their respective parties. Do nothing but

Numerous political and social wings take the name of Kashmir issue according to their own ragni and personal agenda. It is astonishing to know where the poles of their own interests meet, how to form committees in the name of Kashmir. Pockets are full, this is not a secret, we hear here that “Kashmir issue is an incomplete agenda of Britain” but is it any secret now that it is still with Britain? No Pakistani or Kashmiri government has taken the issue of “aorta” seriously.

One of the most embarrassing and serious trends in this regard is the frequent reports in the Pakistani media that “the Kashmir issue resonates in the British Parliament” or that “British MPs” have occupied Kashmir. I raised my voice against Indian oppression and a resolution was passed against India “or” India should repeal Article 370 and restore the independent status of Kashmir, sitting in the British Parliament “but the only truth in these claims is that Countless organizations in the name of Kashmir convene two or four members of the British Parliament in one of the committee rooms of the Parliament building and convene a meeting of fifteen or twenty people. This room is also occupied by a Member of Parliament or Lord. Is booked.

So all this is done sitting there and then the organizers of this meeting strengthen their philosophy of interest by making their own “noise” according to their own needs, otherwise this is not a statement or a policy of the British government. The original policy statement will be considered by the British government and should be understood only when it comes from the room of the House of Commons of the 650 members of the British Parliament, not from any committee room !!

This situation is a matter of concern for the government of Pakistan, but it also needs very serious and immediate attention, to which Zafar Iqbal Nigina is pointing out that the Prime Minister or President of Azad Kashmir should be accorded the position of honor according to him, Azad Kashmir’s Rs 120 billion budget should not be cut


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