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The first glimpse of Windows 11

The first glimpse of Windows 11

Microsoft has released the first glimpse of the latest operating system ‘Windows 11’.

According to The Verge, on June 10, 2021, a video was posted on YouTube by Microsoft in which the music of the launch of various Windows operating systems was played in a very “slow motion”.

At 10:33 (the 33rd second of the tenth minute) in this YouTube video, the Windows 10 logo appears and its shadow is falling on the floor. It is not clear what the name of the next Windows operating system will be, but Microsoft’s “11” may be the name of the operating system “Windows 11”.

In this video, the image on the floor from the window (Windows 10 logo) looks like “11” which is probably a hint of Windows 11.

Rumors are circulating that in addition to the user interface and system fonts, many changes will be made to the next Windows operating system, both externally and internally. There will also be a feature on battery usage that will tell you which application is using how much battery.

Note that this feature has been present in smartphones for years, but so far it is not included in the Windows operating systems.

The new operating system can be used on desktops / laptops as well as tablets and smartphones with equal ease.


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