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Physical harm to women by not eating breakfast

Physical harm to women by not eating breakfast
Women have higher levels of stress than men and experts say that one of the reasons is unhealthy diet.

According to international research, the reason for the increase in stress in women compared to men is the consumption of unhealthy food

This type of unhealthy diet or fast food, not eating breakfast, caffeine and high glycemic diet causes more harm in women than men and they suffer from depression.

Research has shown that exercise and improved mental health in adults are linked to changes in diet. An earlier study by Assistant Professor of Health and Wellbeing Studies, part of the research team, was based on diet and mood, suggesting that a high-quality diet improves mental health.

She said that as a test, she wanted to see if it improved mood in men and women 30 years of age or older by changing their diet.

Experience has shown that substandard and poor diet in women causes stress.


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