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On a long-standing demand, Twitter has introduced an ‘edit’ button

On a long-standing demand, Twitter has introduced an ‘edit’ button
San Francisco: Twitter has made it possible to edit Tweeted messages for half an hour on the long-standing demand of the public. Twitter officially announced it on September 1, but at $5 a month, the service will only be available to users with a blue verification mark on their account.

This feature was announced by Twitter in April of the same year. Jay Sullivan, General Manager of Twitter’s Consumer Services, confirmed this in a post on Thursday. In 2020, then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that they would probably never offer an edit feature because it could spread misinformation.

Some technology experts have said that thanks to ‘Edit Tweet’, others will also be able to edit it and the real thing may be something. But inspite of all this now edit button has been introduced which is active even after 30 minutes of posting. However, each tweet can be edited only a limited number of times.
Twitter has also demonstrated it live on September 1. As soon as the edit option is turned on, the pencil and edit tweet button appear. Earlier, Twitter offered this option for its staff. It is now being offered to blue marked subscribers.

The modified tweet will appear with an icon, timestamp and label and can be easily understood by the reader.


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