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Matthew Rickard: What’s the secret to the happiness of the world’s ‘happiest man’?

Matthew Rickard: What’s the secret to the happiness of the world’s ‘happiest man’? Scientists at the University of Wisconsin have…

By Jack , in World Health Latest , at January 19, 2021

Matthew Rickard: What’s the secret to the happiness of the world’s ‘happiest man’?
Scientists at the University of Wisconsin have been studying the brain of a Buddhist monk named Matthew Rickard for the past several years at the Shenchen Tenei Darjeeling Monastery in Nepal. Matthew Ricard is also a specialist in molecular biology and medicine. He is also the Dalai Lama’s personal adviser and translator.

Scientists have been stunned by the results of a study of the brain of 74-year-old Matthew.

The researchers performed a nuclear MRI of the record’s brain that lasted three hours.

Scientists placed 256 sensors on his head to assess his levels of stress, irritability, anger, happiness, contentment and dozens of other different moods and emotions. They did the same with the brains of hundreds of other volunteers. The results measured the level of happiness of each participant in the experiment on a specific scale, ranging from 0.3 (very unhappy) to minus 0.3 (very happy). ۔

The Matthew record received a negative score of 0.45 on this scale, meaning that Matthew was so happy that his happiness score was not even available on the scale that measured it.

And so he was named “the happiest man in the world.” Five Ways to Be Happy

Real Happiness Doesn’t Come From Wealth: New Research

Just 10 minutes of practice guarantees an increase in happiness!

Matthew Ricard is the son of the famous French philosopher Jean-Franواois Revel and the painter John Le Tomlin. Together with his friend and philosopher Alexander Julien and psychologist Christophe Andre, he wrote an interesting book, which became the best-selling book in France and is now published in Spanish as “Long Live Freedom!” Has been

It is a book in which all three authors tell us how to overcome their fears, traumas, prejudices and bad habits. It briefly explains how to overcome the obstacles that keep us from being happy.

We talked to the record about all of these and other issues. The questions asked of them and their answers are given below.

You’ve been called the ‘happiest man in the world’, how do you feel?

Think for five seconds: How can one know the level of happiness of seven billion people? This is incomprehensible, certainly not from a scientific point of view.

It all started with an article in a British newspaper based on research at Richard Davidson’s Neuroscience Laboratory in Wisconsin, which revealed that people like me who have been meditating for a long time (Participants in this study included 15 people) They evoke a feeling in some parts of the brain that is based on empathy (not on happiness!) And has never been seen at a higher level in neuroscience. Is.

So it’s like the ‘biggest joke in the world’, but it keeps coming up.
What makes you happy?

Happiness is not just an endless stream of happy feelings, it seems like a tiring prescription.

Rather, it is a great way of living which is a combination of many basic qualities such as selflessness, compassion, inner freedom, maturity, emotional balance, inner balance, inner peace and many other virtues.

Unlike happiness, all of these qualities have abilities that can be acquired through mental practice and training.

Do you consider yourself a happy person?

Even if I am not the ‘happiest person in the world’, I can’t say I’m unhappy with the reasons I just gave.

I have lived a wonderful life during which I have met astute men and women who are my spiritual teachers.

I am also fine because I get satisfied very easily. I have donated all the money from my books and pictures to the welfare of humanity.

Twenty years ago, I founded a humanitarian organization, Karuna Shechen, which now helps more than 300,000 people each year in the fields of health, education and social services, especially in India, Nepal and Tibet. The same will be done in France. And that’s a great source of satisfaction for me.

Through spiritual practice, I personally enjoy every moment of life and try to be present in the service of others.

And what is the secret of happiness?

Generosity and compassion.

Selfishness does not work in the pursuit of happiness, it is a losing situation. You make your life difficult and you ruin the lives of others.

While the spirit of self-sacrifice creates a situation of success.

The purpose of this is to bring happiness to others and to alleviate their sorrows, and in return man feels great happiness by becoming good and kind.

You have been single, and have not had sex since the age of 30 and you have no wealth, you give whatever you earn to charity. The two most prominent symbols of modern culture are sex and money. What is wrong with both?

There is nothing wrong with that. It is not sexual desire and the desire for wealth that causes suffering, but our attachment to them.

The moment you become obsessed with amassing and amassing wealth, believe me, the suffering will increase.

Wealth is a problem, we get addicted to it. Now a question for the other side of your personality, the biologist: Is depression a feeling we create in our minds or society makes us unhappy? does?


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