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Mars Hydro Grow Lights Reviews

For plants to thrive, the right amount of light is essential. While grow lights put right above your plants might…

By Olivia , in Latest , at October 21, 2022

For plants to thrive, the right amount of light is essential. While grow lights put right above your plants might help them grow robust, natural light is an option. Artificial lighting has developed, moving from incandescent to fluorescent to LED illumination. Because they closely resemble the sun’s natural light, grow lights that employ LED technology are typically regarded as the finest alternative.

There are many indoor LED grow light options on the market, but not all of them are made the same way. When choosing a fixture, you should consider quality, amount, lifetime, heat, cost, and energy efficiency.

Mars Hydro

A most reputable company with an affordable product line is Mars Hydro. He began in 2009 as a manufacturer of tents, but in 2012 they successfully joined the market for LED lights. Among the forerunners of this still-relatively-new technology, Mars Hydro light served as an iconic “spotlight.”

This brand is the finest option for medium-sized growers since it strikes the perfect mix between affordability and strength. Their product line includes everything from inexpensive beginning lights to 800 Watt interchangeable units, all made with full spectrum Epistar top LEDs. The small size of their units is another remarkable characteristic that distinguishes this business. LEDs from Mars Hydro are compact and have a cool operating temperature.

Mars Hydro: Why?

Since 2009, Mars Hydro, a company specializing in full spectrum LED grow lights and grow tents for indoor cultivation, has offered these products. There are many different grow lights for indoor and greenhouse plant needs. Mars Hydro has you covered whether you need to replace 300W, 600W, 1000W, fluorescent light, hydroponic systems, or you are simply cultivating for your use. Mars Hydro wants to give growers worldwide access to inexpensive, high-quality LED grow lights. To accommodate the varying needs of growers, they have created many lines of grow lights, as follows:

The series of COB LED grow lights:

CREE CXB3590 COB, Meanwell driver, IP65 standard, and led chips from both CREE and OSRAM. For your indoor gardening, you won’t make a mistake. The best option for growers who want quiet indoor environments and high-quality COB lights.

Series of reflector LED grow lights:

Cost-effective, environmentally friendly led grow light. The reflector cup design improves coverage and spectrum mixing while producing less heat. The ideal option for home and greenhouse producers.

Series of Mars Pro II LED grow lights:

Higher efficiency and much more natural light are possible with reflector cup designs and Taiwan-made Epistar or Cree chips. The ideal option for industrial growers!

Mars Hydro Review: Comparison of the FC, FC-E, TS, and SP Series Benefits

The color spectrum, the high output per watt consumed, and the low price are the Mars Hydro SP Series’ three strongest features. First, let’s talk about the spectrum. The industry is finally switching to color spectra that include at least some white LEDs and away from the purple color spectrum. Most lights use white, whereas others just use white.

I’m delighted that Mars Hydro has decided to join the “white light revolution.” They do it by utilizing white SMD diodes made by Samsung for the 3000 and Epistar for the 150, which is very similar to how the quantum board lights operate.

However, Mars went a step further by using IR and UV diodes to fill the gaps in the spectrum where all-white LEDs fall a little short. Red diodes were also added to the SP 3000. Red, IR, and UV are added, similar to the top COB lights.

SP 3000 review

Mars employs the quantum board spectrum while addressing two of its greatest flaws: the absence of UV and IR. Additionally, they supplement the SP 3000 with red light for good measure. The final product is the ideal spectrum for every growth stage. Since plants require the reddest and blue light, it is remarkably close to natural sunlight.

In addition, some people find the two SP series lights’ long, rectangular form factor very advantageous. It probably won’t work if you have a little square grow tent. The TS series fills that gap (see below). The long form factor, however, can be a big benefit if you have a larger operation with multiple rows of plants (possibly even piled vertically).

Because their coverage is wider than a row of plants, it enables you to position the long lights immediately above each row of plants rather than wasting light by lighting the aisles as square lights frequently wind up doing.

Mars Hydro FC-E4800 Review

Three lights make up the FC-E series: the FC 3000, which is the smallest, the FC 6500, which is the largest, and the FC 4800, which is in the middle. Like the FC series we recently looked at, all 3 lights are bar-style fixtures.

So what is the distinction?

The first noticeable distinction is the cost. Compared to comparable FC series lights, the FC-E series is more affordable. And there’s only one explanation for this: less expensive parts. The FC-E series employs Bridgelux processors and Mars Hydro drivers in contrast to the FC series’ Meanwell drivers and Samsung.


The Mars Hydro SP 3000 LED Grow Light and SP 150, its smaller sibling, are fantastic additions to the Mars product line. These are, without a doubt, the best lights in that lineup (along with the TS series reviewed below). In addition to providing you with a color spectrum and including IR and UV light. They also increase the amount of red light for the 300. They now have a spectrum quite close to Green Sunshine Company and Amare and Optic, two of the leading producers of COB grow lights.

Since 2009, Mars Hydro has produced numerous grow light series well-liked by home and professional growers. The company specializes in led grow lights and grow tents. The newest Mars SP and Mars TS series have replaced the old Blurple Series and the Mars II series, Mars Reflector series, Mars COB, Mars ECO series, and Mars Pro II series. We also begin selling more expensive lights in 2020, such as our SP 3000, and shortly another outstanding series (stay tuned).



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