It has been 546 days since the Indian occupation of Kashmir

It has been 546 days since the Indian occupation of Kashmir
Modi government’s oppression continues in occupied Kashmir, today marks 546 days of Indian occupation of Kashmir. On February 5, 550 days of inhumane lockdown in the valley will come to an end. Aware of violations.

On August 5, 2019, under the pretext of enforcing Article 370 and then spreading the Corona virus, the Indian government resorted to state terrorism to suppress the voices of unarmed and innocent citizens of Occupied Kashmir. Downloaded.

Today, the world is feeling the plight of Kashmiris, voices are being raised against the massacre in occupied Kashmir, sexual violence against women, members of the British Parliament are speaking openly against Indian state terrorism.

British MPs say that Kashmiris have been living in hell for 70 years.
The British Parliament is shouting that more than 95,000 innocent Kashmiris have been killed in the last 30 years. The world has repeatedly rejected India’s false claim that Kashmir is its internal affair. Badly exposed India’s global propaganda.

It is hoped that the advocates of democracy and human rights will raise more effective voices for the subjugated Kashmiris from Western countries and Washington. Pakistan and Kashmiris will not leave China until the right to self-determination is achieved.

With the Indian initiative, the Kashmir issue has once again come to the fore at the international level. The Kashmir issue has been discussed in the UN Security Council. It will be devastating for the world.


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