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Is it safe to ship cryopreserved embryos?

To try therapy at a different facility, seek a treatment option not offered in their nation, or simply need their embryos to travel due to relocating, many couples receiving IVF treatment prefer to export their cells from one clinic to another. And it seems sensible for those couples to wonder whether cryoshipping is safe for the cells. Clinic success rates indicate that it is. The success rates of IVF cycles using “in-house” embryos versus those that “travelled” for the procedure from its genesis location elsewhere do not appear to differ. The only requirement to ensure the security of your valuable cargo is the selection of qualified worldwide embryo shipping.

The importance of reproductive cells and embryos cannot be overstated. Particularly in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, their movement is a crucial issue that requires careful consideration. Most shipping providers transport IVF embryos, sperm, eggs, and cells between medical labs and reproductive clinics worldwide. ADONIS may accept genetic samples worldwide because of its partnerships with several embryo transportation businesses. Selecting the greatest embryo courier for your particular needs is the only thing that matters.

Travelling vitrified for cryopreservation

Vitrification is a contemporary technique for cryopreserving embryos, eggs, and sperm. Cryopreserved cells are retained in cryo-storage tanks filled with nitrogen gas for long-term storage. Liquid nitrogen has a temperature of -186 Celsius.

All biological functions of cells are halted at that extremely low temperature, allowing sperm, oocytes, and embryos to be stored for years or even decades while still functioning. It is essential to maintain the cryocontainer’s internal temperature steadily during this time and to guard against any unwelcome disturbances or damage to the container. The same holds with cryoshipping by the ARK Cryo. Vitrified cells shipping containers that have been made for transit are kept in.

Are embryos from other clinics accepted by all the clinics?

This shows how competent your facilities are (both the original and new); top clinics have expertise in sending or receiving embryos and incorporate the cryoshipping technique into their workflow.

However, the courier you select to ship your cells with plays a major role in this procedure. Only couriers with expertise in cryoshipping can ensure secure delivery, coordinate with both clinics to expedite the procedure, organize all required details, handle pertinent paperwork, and personally monitor containers from pick-up to delivery.

Your courier for cryoshipments

In cryoshipping, specialized logistic professionals like BioCouriers, with years/routes of expertise, are exceptionally centred in the rules and regulations of each nation transport crosses, collaborate with clinics worldwide, can find solutions to any issue that may arise, are skilled to perfection handling the carton within its maximum safety, and use the most up-to-date technology to prevent any damage to one’s embryos or other cells. Returning to the initial query, find out if it is secure to send your frozen cells. The simple answer is: yes, there is a skilled and capable provider of cryoshipping services.

Safety in the transport of embryos

The COVID-19 pandemic has the entire planet in its grip, and people are concerned for their safety and well-being. We recognize that it’s a major problem when we discuss the overseas shipping of frozen embryos. The shipping process’s level of safety is constantly under careful observation (regardless of the pandemic period). Quality management ensures that frozen biomaterial is handled and transported safely, securely, compliant, and meticulously. The most up-to-date specialized equipment offers protection from contact with the outside world for embryos, oocytes, eggs, or cells. No permeation occurs from the laboratory door to an ADONIS clinic during the transit phase.

Transport companies for embryos make every effort to deliver these samples in time for the initiation of treatments, despite the challenges posed by transient border restrictions. Temperature changes harm the biological material and reproductive process, so temperature monitoring equipment is greatly considered. The constant temperature logger makes sure that the sample is always safe.

A courier is always in charge of keeping an eye on the biological material. At the same time, it is being transported, ensuring its safety and keeping track of the samples to ensure the best possible circumstances. The embryo courier has the decision-making skills to handle the issue and deliver the samples at the scheduled time in an emergency, such as a flight delay or rescheduling.

All these options have been provided for your confidence and peace of mind. We may make your desire for children a reality by utilizing the most recent ADONIS technologies.


Personal attention is needed when using a transportation service that specializes in transporting embryos, oocytes, eggs, or cells. International frozen biomaterial transportation is a delicate and challenging task. Thus you need the best service on your side. The price varies and is determined by the mode of transportation you select, the nation where you reside, and the nation where you store the bioplastic.

Using a personal courier is the most effective method of moving frozen embryos. This expert is responsible for closely monitoring your embryo and transporting the samples from the laboratory to the ADONIS fertility clinic. The deal between the shipping company and customs authorities will determine if additional customs costs are included in the average cost.

IVF transportation

Transportation of frozen embryos and frozen sperm

Egg transportation for frozen

Cell transportation for frozen

The most recent technology is available to you regardless of where you are in the IVF process. The most priceless sample will arrive in Ukraine thanks to the skilled embryo transportation services. ADONIS is concerned with excellent IVF procedures!

The movement of embryos:

For example, the biggest challenge you’ll have is having your embryo frozen if you’re an international planned father wishing to use a surrogate in America. America is not the most interesting place to visit, and it takes some time to go there from some countries to discover the desired reproductive clinic. Embryos are typically flown around by plane. Eggs and embryos are kept in two ways by embryo transfer companies: vitrification and slow freezing. Most reproduction facilities use the vitrified approach since it is more effective and inexpensive.



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