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How to Improve Wayfinding in Hospitals

Do you know that inadequate hospital wayfinding solutions may discourage potential patients and cost your healthcare institution a fortune? We…

By Olivia , in Health , at December 30, 2021

Do you know that inadequate hospital wayfinding solutions may discourage potential patients and cost your healthcare institution a fortune? We live in times when both professionals and patients require outstanding services and conditions. How can you improve wayfinding solutions for hospitals? Keep reading our entry to discover answers to this and other questions.

Hospital wayfinding solutions at present

When visiting any medical facility, you’ll quickly notice that there are numerous halls and paths you can follow to reach the intended destination. As you may guess, both patients and visitors may feel lost and confused, however, there are certain solutions and physical signs that make the task easier.

These solutions are called wayfinding methods that include various maps, help desks and apps that allow patients to comfortably move around the facility. Unfortunately, the vast majority of modern wayfinding options rely on static maps or advice provided by a healthcare professional. Very few institutions benefit from smart solutions that would guide patients and visitors to a specific ward or room.

What are the drawbacks?

Due to poor organization and lack of automation, people waste a lot of time trying to reach a needed facility, they frequently get frustrated, which has a negative impact on their entire experience.

Moreover, it’s also worth remembering that difficulties with finding our destination frequently translate into being late, which, in turn, means that the healthcare professional isn’t able to devote us as much time as needed.

How can beacons support wayfinding in healthcare?

Without a shadow of a doubt, hospital wayfinding solutions are a tough nut to crack as every patient is different and it’s impossible to find one universal method that would appeal to all tastes. It’s natural that elderly patients are prone to look for in-person assistance, whereas younger generations don’t mind using their smartphones to access needed information.

Bluetooth beacons have been gaining increasing popularity among healthcare institutions in recent years. Thanks to the availability of proximity data, they make it possible to refine the functionalities of existing hospital apps to make them even more user-friendly.

The benefits of beacon wayfinding solutions for hospitals include:

  • The possibility to minimize financial losses caused by missed appointments
  • The possibility to quickly and effortlessly support patients with mobility issues
  • The possibility to minimize the wait time
  • The benefits to decrease the amount of tasks handled by help desk specialists
  • The possibility to let healthcare professionals focus on their job (as they don’t have to endlessly answer the same questions or guide lost patients)
  • The possibility to improve the patient experience.

How to improve wayfinding in hospitals? The takeaway

Smart hospital wayfinding solutions are implemented by an increasing amount of facilities. If you know that patients have difficulties reaching specific rooms or wards in your medical center, think about taking advantage of Bluetooth beacons to facilitate the lives of your patients and healthcare professionals.


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