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Family Time: 3 Best Family-Friendly TV Shows to Watch Right Now

An average American household in the past two years has been anything but usual. While kids were trying to adapt to the online learning culture, adults were busy switching lives between the office and home. On the other hand, the entertainment needs for a household grew even higher during the pandemic.

With million and one distractions and the growing digital divide, it is hard to find a TV show that keeps all the family members entertained. Therefore, to help you with it, we have created a list of some amazing TV shows that will help connect all the family members over.

If you want to enjoy the good ole TV time, you need a Cable TV service that promises uninterrupted TV entertainment with hundreds of HD channels, premium networks, and a huge on-demand library. And what is better than Spectrum service with Spectrum Packages.

Let us get going with the list.

Doctor Who

Kicking off with the iconic British series. Starting in 1963, Doctor Who is currently on its 13th season with the protagonist played by Jodie Whittaker. The first female to star in the role, battling aliens, zoning around the galaxy, and practically saving the world, the 13th Doctor Who brings everything awesome to the screen.

Each week the Doctor and team face a new intergalactic foe. If you are a Doctor Who fan, you know that once intergalactic trouble arrives, time travel makes its way. Doctor and company travel through time to visit some awesome historical figures like Thomas Edison and Risa Parks.

If you want your kids to learn a little about history combined with the galaxy magic, then Doctor Who should be your next family watch.

You can watch the show on BBC America on Spectrum.

His Dark Materials

Along with rescuing her friend Roger, Lyra discovers more about the work of her uncle, Lord Asriel. Uncle is investigating a substance known as Dust and all about how it connects parallel universe.

With an outstanding cast — Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, James McAvoy, and more, this show brings all kinds of gloriousness to the screen. Also, you can watch the show on HBO Max on Spectrum since you are enjoying all the benefits of having the cable TV service.

Penguin Town

With Netflix streaming happening, it is time to enjoy some more amazing shows on the widely popular streaming app. Netflix produces Penguins Town to make sure you do not miss out on the fun family moments.

Every year a town in South Africa, Simon, is invaded by some unusual but adorable visitors. In November, the streets of coastal town start filling with penguins waddling from the beach into the gardens, roads, and almost everywhere.

The sweet and gentle watch will help you bond with your kind. Many of the birds have names given to them and have cameras filming them while they are on their mission to raise the next generation.

Do not wait for the ‘Moments’!

Many of us wait for an event or a moment to bond with our family. Even though the pandemic brought a great chance to have fun family moments but many of us had a lot to deal with. But now, it is a good time to watch some light-hearted family TV shows and create memorable moments for you and your family.


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