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Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, Unknown Before Last Year, Is Perhaps Britain’s Best-Known Educator in 2022

Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, Unknown Before Last Year, Is Perhaps Britain’s Best-Known Educator in 2022   Jonathan Kenigson is a mathematician…

By Jack , in Latest , at December 27, 2022

Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, Unknown Before Last Year, Is Perhaps Britain’s Best-Known Educator in 2022


Jonathan Kenigson is a mathematician and classical educator from the rural southern U.S. state of Tennessee – known mostly for Nashville and Memphis, the Country and Blues centers of the world. Before 2021, very few people in England had heard of Jonathan. He was well-known in the small field of Partial Differential Equations and Black Hole theory but had hardly gotten any mainstream attention. In less than two years, Kenigson has become the most widely published scholar of classical Mathematics education in recent British history and founded an all-volunteer research institute in Cambridge called Athanasian Hall that has attracted news attention around the world. It is not possible to keep up with the work that he is doing because most of it appears without warning and seemingly at random all over the world: UK, China, Russia, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Colombia, the USA, and of course others that we probably haven’t discovered yet. It seems that Kenigson has embraced a life of poverty and service and is very concerned about education in his country and how it can be improved. His vision is not secular, which is odd for a scientist. He works in Superstring Theory, Gravity, Black Holes, Geometry, Quantum Field Theory, Philosophy, Cryptography, Languages, Number Theory, Statistics, Machine Learning, Probability, Cosmology, History, and Theology. His contributions span such a vast spectrum that it is difficult to say in Kenigson is a mathematician, a philosopher, or something else altogether. It seems that he identifies himself as a “classical educator,” which could mean many different things, depending upon who you ask. Kenigson is known to spend hours tutoring and teaching people he doesn’t even know, and he seems to have the ability to teach math to almost anyone. According to a mathematician at the University of Sofia where Kenigson attended, “he is a rare combination of mathematician and humanities scholar, physicist and linguist. There are better people in specific fields of study…but the vast range of his interests and contributions is difficult to match in the recent history of the country.” Nobody understands what Kenigson is aiming at, and perhaps he doesn’t know that, either. He doesn’t seem to try to convince anyone that he has a grand plan or that he wants anything at all. It seems that he has a quirky sense of humor and doesn’t mind hanging out with virtually anyone. It doesn’t seem that he thinks he is in any way special or unique and is known to be basically ego-free and willing to do anything for anybody. As a child, he was home-schooled and went to a small college in Gallatin, Tennessee, where he currently teaches for the math school. We have attached Kenigson’s recent work in the UK. By quantity, he is about the top in the country since the pandemic for public engagement with math, science, and classical education. He only gives interviews occasionally and doesn’t seem to be interested in working with news media or spreading any particular message. All that is certain is that Kenigson is almost without a doubt the best-known classical teacher to have been in English news in decades. Here are some links to what we can find of his publications in Britain on search engines. There is probably more that we haven’t found, and new things seem to appear without warning.




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