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Donald Trump also called Ashraf Ghani extremely cunning and murderer

Donald Trump also called Ashraf Ghani extremely cunning and murderer
New York: Former US President Donald Trump also called former and fugitive Afghan leader Ashraf Ghani a “traitor” in his interview, saying he “killed and fled”.

According to reports, Donald Trump expressed these views in an interview with Fox News yesterday.

In the interview, Donald Trump also spoke about the talks he had with the Afghan Taliban and the Afghan government during his tenure.
Trump said that during the talks he had made it clear to Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund that US troops from Afghanistan would be subject to the condition that no harm be done to the Americans and allies there (in Afghanistan).

“If (the Taliban) harms the Americans or their allies, the United States will retaliate by bombing their (Afghan Taliban leaders’ hometowns and other parts of the country,” Trump said.

However, Trump’s stance on former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was strong: “I wanted him (the Taliban) to reach an agreement with the Afghan government. Now, to be honest, I didn’t have much faith in (Ashraf) Ghani. I openly said that I think he (Ashraf Ghani) is very cunning.

“He (Ashraf Ghani) used to eat with our (US) senators all the time and get their support,” Trump added. “The senators were in his pocket and it’s huge for us.” There was a problem. But I never liked him; he was killed and escaped in many different ways. “However, Donald Trump did not elaborate.

In the interview, Trump said that Ashraf Ghani’s “lifestyle, his houses and where he lives,” everything is great. Therefore, Donald Trump also expressed confidence that Ashraf Ghani may have escaped with vehicles full of notes.

In this regard, Saad Mohseni, the head of a popular Afghan TV channel, said that Ashraf Ghani will always be remembered as a traitor in Afghanistan and for the next hundred years, the Afghan people will continue to spit on his grave. ”


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