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Chinese wonder: which is also the tallest building in the world

Chinese wonder: which is also the tallest building in the world
BEIJING: Building billowing, twisted and curved buildings is not an easy task, but now a building has recently been inaugurated in China which has been given the honor of being the world’s most curved (twisted) building.

In fact, it is a tower that has been named the ‘Dance of Light Tower’. Its total length is 180 meters and it is inspired by the interesting lights of the poles and the building is billed from several heights.

This building has been built near Xingfu Plaza in Kongqing District, China, which is said to be the most curved building in the world. It has been designed by Ken Y, an expert at Edas. They say that not only looks beautiful externally but its interior space has been expanded.

It was built under the harsh lights of the Arctic and Antarctic and that is why the building is billed differently at different angles as well as the entire glass structure is bent.

According to the company, when the light falls on the building at night, the lights appear to dance, which is another interesting aspect of the building. Each floor is then rotated 8.8 degrees.

Modern construction technology, engineering and computer modeling are also used in the construction.


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