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Chinese scientists invent short and low cost MRI machine

Chinese scientists invent short and low cost MRI machine Hong Kong: Chinese scientists have invented a low-cost, short, “wheeled” MRI…

By Jack , in Latest World , at December 18, 2021

Chinese scientists invent short and low cost MRI machine
Hong Kong: Chinese scientists have invented a low-cost, short, “wheeled” MRI machine to examine the interior of the brain that can be easily moved from one place to another.

It should be noted that “magnetic resonance imaging” (MRI) machines are used to observe the internal parts of the body which cannot be seen and reflected even by methods like ultrasound, X-ray and CT scan etc. Would have

The MRI machine uses powerful magnetic fields and radio waves to take detailed pictures of the internal body parts to determine the nature and severity of the disease. MRI can look at any part of the body, but it is more commonly used to examine parts of the brain that are affected by internal injuries and diseases.
Despite all these advantages, MRI machines are not only very expensive but also consume a lot of electricity and are kept in special cold and safe rooms. Not only that, but special arrangements have to be made (as a shield or shield) to protect the body parts from the powerful magnetic field and radio waves generated by them.

Because of all this, a new MRI machine costs 30 3 million (approximately PKR 540 million), while the monthly cost of using it can reach up to ہزار 15,000 (PKR 2.7 million). Due to this MRI facility is very low even in big cities of poor countries whereas the cost of MRI scanning from one good laboratory only once is Rs 40,000 or more.

Professor Ed Xwu of the University of Hong Kong and his colleagues have developed a prototype of a low-cost, short-lived MRI machine to solve all of these problems together, according to the online research journal Nature Communications. Published in the latest issue.

Details show that this MRI machine does not require any special and expensive arrangements, while the power of a normal air conditioner is sufficient for it, as it performs its function with the help of a very low intensity (0.055 Tesla) magnetic field. Is.


Dr Wu says the cost of building the machine on a commercial scale will be less than ڈالر 20,000 (PKR 3.5 million), while MRI scanning will cost only a few dollars.

Initial experiments, this prototype MRI machine was used to diagnose various brain diseases, including stroke and brain tumors in 25 patients, while its performance was compared with the results of a commercial Tesla magnetic field commercial MRI machine. ۔ The comparison showed that the prototype machine performed as well as a commercial MRI machine in accurately diagnosing most mental illnesses.

The highlight of the prototype is its software, which uses special artificial intelligence algorithms. Prior to the trials, the software was “trained” to highlight blurred images produced by low-intensity magnetic waves and convert them into clear, clean and accurate images.


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