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Business Telephone Systems

One of the leaders in the Industry Atlantic Business Systems, an ABS company who provides telecommunication technicians, is very concerned…

By Jack , in Business , at April 16, 2022

One of the leaders in the Industry Atlantic Business Systems, an ABS company who provides telecommunication technicians, is very concerned about the lack of national training of new telephone technicians. Thus, they have begun a process of internal training where possible. Atlantic Business Systems offers Business Phone Systems, traditional 4 line phones system as well as Small Business Phone systems. In the last few years has added security IP Cameras.

We are a leader in North Carolina Telecommunications. Unlike most telecommunications providers in North Carolina we offer more than just a Cloud Phone System but complete business communication systems options from your Cloud Phone Solutions to a traditional business landline telephone system for ease of use.


We understand one of the single Largest investments an organization makes is their Business Phone System. What leaders of organizations fail to understand is the importance of having a skilled labor force. These traditional phone systems need technicians who can be dispatched to their business to repair their telephone system. In the last few years the general age of technicians has been 57 years old in 2020. As a result we are seeing mass retirements of telecommunication technicians. When your Business Phone System fails to function properly or fails completely it is by nature an emergency. The importance of having a skilled profession available truly matters.

Business Telephone Systems

We understand businesses rely on their Office Phone System to operate their business on a daily basis, and its critical nature to keep the phone system up and running as well as operating as needed. Our skilled telephone technicians routinely adjust telephone programming to meet the needs of the business, add additional extensions or change extension of users or fix passwords. Then those professionals who truly understand Call management and Call flow are important as what makes the difference in business efficiency is having a Phone system working properly. So having skilled telecom technicians who know how to adjust the system and keep it operating are so critical to maintain that Business Phone System.



Thankfully Atlantic Business Systems has one of the largest pools of skilled telecommunication technicians available to its client base, but as we approach 2026 we understand we will lose over 41% of our skilled workforce. This national shortage of telecommunications has resulted in several national leaders in telecom to join together with other vendors and providers to rapidly address telecommunications training.


It is time we encouraged our college generations that this is a field that can be both financially and personally rewarding for them. They can proclaim they work on brands like: Avaya Phone Systems, and offer Avaya Support, or Lucent Support. We need to offer more training and establish more opportunities to get these skilled jobs filled.


ABS is a Telecommunications organization with support in Winston-Salem, Raleigh Durham, High Point NC, Salisbury NC, Greensboro and of course Charlotte.


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