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Problems such as being underweight and not being able to gain weight are a problem that upsets and stresses the…

By Jack , in Latest , at October 15, 2021

Problems such as being underweight and not being able to gain weight are a problem that upsets and stresses the person, just like trying to lose weight but not being able to. Despite the envy of people who cannot gain weight no matter how much they eat, it is not such a good thing. So, what to eat to gain weight? How to gain healthy weight? What foods should be consumed to reach a healthy weight?

Although thinness seems to pose a problem in terms of aesthetic appearance, it can also bring health problems. Weakness; It can cause health problems such as damage to organs, heart rhythm problems, decrease in bone density, growth and development retardation in children, menstrual irregularity, hair loss, osteoporosis and brittle nails.

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  1. Have a hearty breakfast in the morning. Cut down on bread and pastries for breakfast and eat cheese, eggs, olives, greens and snacks.


  1. Drink milk or juice for breakfast instead of tea.


  1. Don’t take too long between breakfast and lunch.


  1. At noon, choose foods that will nourish and strengthen your body. Try to avoid bread, pasta, rice and dessert.


  1. In order to carry your body to ideal dimensions, you should eat foods that will fill it and form fat and muscle tissues in the morning and at noon. What you eat in the evening cannot be used in this process. You should have eaten these foods by sunset at the latest.


  1. Eat one more meal, either breakfast or lunch, before the sun goes down in the evening.


  1. Before going to bed in the evening, make sure to exercise for the digestion of what you eat during the day and for the restructuring of your body.

or do some light exercise.


  1. Sleep early at night and allow the production of hormones necessary for your body’s restructuring.


  1. Do not eat fruit, snacks or salads after sunset in the evening.


  1. If the desire for sweets has decreased, you are not hungry and you feel energetic; it means that you have started to reach ideal body measurements by gaining weight as every child grows.


“Consume Legumes and Meat”

Giving information about healthy weight gain for those who want to gain weight, Dietician Zeynep Kaveloğlu said, “Carbohydrate and protein powders are not suitable for weight gain,” and made recommendations.


Emphasizing that legumes and meat groups, which are natural, high-calorie foods, should be consumed in order to gain weight, Dietitian Zeynep Kaveloğlu said, “Not being able to gain weight can be due to many reasons. First of all, there may be disorders in the thyroid glands and thyroid function bases. If there is no absorption in the intestines, this may prevent individuals from gaining weight. “Frequent diarrhea and constipation are indications of this. If there is such a problem, a doctor should be consulted. One of the main reasons for not gaining weight is an irregular diet.”


Referring to the need for frequent and regular nutrition in order to gain weight, Dietitian Kaveloğlu said, “People who want to gain weight need to eat frequently and regularly. People who cannot gain weight have no appetite, so there is not much product they can consume in one meal. It is not right to consume too many packaged products, such as excessive sugar, excessive fat, chocolate, wafers, biscuits or frying, roasting, in order to ‘gain weight’. “Milky desserts can be preferred. Along with these, foods such as rice, pasta and pastry, which are carbohydrate meals, play an effective role in weight gain.”


Dietician Kaveloğlu noted that carbohydrate and protein powders are not suitable for health in gaining weight and continued his words as follows: “If we take the carbohydrates we need with natural foods, not artificial structure, it will be more useful for our body. They can interact in a way that will impair the health of the person by appearing as a burden.”


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