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An app that detects dangerous diseases in the body by human voice

An app that detects dangerous diseases in the body by human voice
Washington: Researchers are building a database of human voices that they can use to help diagnose dangerous diseases through artificial intelligence-based tools.

A project funded by the National Institutes of Health has been announced to try to convert the human voice into something that can be used as a biomarker in disease diagnosis, according to the World News Agency. can be used.

The project will run for four years, and the National Institutes of Health can raise up to $14 million in funding during that time. With the help of which the research team will start creating an app that will be able to diagnose diseases like pneumonia, autism, depression, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and stroke through the human voice.
Generally, the biomarkers used to diagnose complex diseases are blood or temperature, but now scientists believe that the human voice can detect the diseases that are flourishing in their body and research on this point. to be continued.

According to scientists, if the voices of people suffering from the above-mentioned diseases are recorded and a data is created and then the voice frequency is compared with the voice of another patient, the results will be surprising.

“The great thing about voice data is that it’s probably the cheapest kind of data,” says Oliver Alimento, a professor at Weill Cornell Medicine’s Institute for Computational Biomedicine and one of the project’s lead investigators. One of the things you can collect from people is that it’s a very accessible type of information.

Similarly, Yael Bensosson, an otolaryngologist at USF Health and the other lead investigator, claims that studies over the past few years have confirmed that the human voice is effective in helping diagnose disease, but that this is just the beginning, with much work to be done. It remains to be done. The biggest challenge is creating standards for data collection.

Note that not only medical researchers are interested in using voice to diagnose diseases, but also major technology companies such as Amazon, which has patents that will use Alexa to determine if people have emotional problems such as depression, or how serious a physical illness is, such as a sore throat.


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