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Always keep the heart healthy

Always keep the heart healthy

The heart is the center of animal power, that is, the force that distinguishes man from other living beings, and is responsible for moving man from one place to another. The heart is also called the heart because the blood passes through the heart and comes back to the heart, in the term it is called blood transfusion.

This is the main organ that carries blood from head to toe. The heart has four chambers, and two sides, the right side of the wall that separates it from the left side, there is a point-like object on it.

The heartbeat of other animals is also subject to the brain, but the human heart receives only signals from the brain. The veins send blood to the organs except the arteries and veins leading to the lungs, which do the opposite of what they do. Now after the introduction, knowledge of the structure of the heart is also important.
Heart structure:

The length of the heart is equal to the length of a man’s closed fist. The average heart weight of men aged 21 to 40 years is 289.6 grams, while the average heart weight of women of this age is 284.7 grams. Men aged 61 to 70 years The average weight of a woman’s heart is 385.9 grams and the average heart of a woman is 285.1 grams. The shape of the heart is cypress and a small part of it is on the right side while most of it is on the left side. Note that the heart is slightly lying down from right to left. It is made up of special types of muscles that are very durable.

The heart carries blood to all the organs of the body where the blood flows through the arteries to the right and to the left (the artery revs). This action reaches its completion through the arteries of the heart. Therefore, the part of the artery that supplies blood from the neck to the brain is called the artery of Sabati, and the part that carries blood to the shoulders is called the subcutaneous artery (the artery passing under the shoulders). The branches of the hey and the thin branches coming out of these branches make it possible for blood to reach the fingers of the hand, then the lower part of the artery, which is bent (rounded), carries blood to all the organs of the body.

The artery extends to the fifth ventricle of the back, then its parts carry blood to the liver, stomach, spleen, intestines, and lower parts of the body. The vein forms the vein, which carries blood to the right ventricle of the heart. By absorbing oxygen, blood reaches the left ventricle of the heart and then the artery. From this artery, two branches emerge which carry blood to the heart muscle, called the coronary artery.

How to keep the heart healthy?

Keep your brain fresh so that stress hormones are not released. This hormone damages the heart muscle. When you exercise, take deep breaths so that more fresh air enters the lungs. Instead of a sedentary lifestyle, adopt an active lifestyle so that the heart gets exercise. Fruits like melon, watermelon, mango (mango contains special heart enzymes ‘cardiac glycosides’, when the heart is disturbed. If so, ‘Digi Talus’ which is a heart enzyme is given. It is found naturally in mango).

Use ‘pink salt’ instead of ordinary salt in curry because it has more electrolytes. In addition to fruits, use goat, poultry, beef, especially their heart in curry. The organ that is eaten in Ayurvedic treatment is the cause of the strength of that organ in man. Sweeteners should be taken as needed, to protect diabetics from other diabetic complications such as numbness of the limbs (diabetic neuropathy).

In addition, most diabetics suffer from heart disease due to the complete abandonment of sweetness. Get plenty of sleep. According to doctors, if the first word is yellow, it means that the amount of sleep is complete, but if it remains sluggish, then the nervous system and the amount of blood should be taken into consideration. Sahanjana leaf powder or tea is very useful for the heart, it contains all the protein units (amino acids).

Protect the case from heart damage?

1. Avoid nicotine-containing products, 2. Avoid thinking all the time, 3. Have fun in green areas once or twice a week, 4. Take care of the stomach because most people suffer from high blood pressure or panic due to gas, ie the heart hurts. Ghee and fried foods increase triglycerides and stick to the arteries of the heart, causing narrowing of the rest of the arteries, including the heart. Do not give up any exercise that you have become accustomed to, it damages the brain hormones, which impairs metabolism and increases the heart rate.

If the heartbeat continues to increase for a long time, it increases to one side of the heart. Ginger tea should be taken two days a week as it not only keeps the blood thin but also melts unnecessary fats. Don’t let the back hurt, if even a slight effect reaches the arteries of the heart, then the heart can stop beating. Avoid grief and anger, they cause stress hormone secretion that damages the heart muscle, 10. Avoid sleeping upside down, ie do not turn your back to the sky, it has a negative blood pressure on the heart, which can lead to palpitations


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