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Abu Dhabi: Big project for coral reefs started

Abu Dhabi: Big project for coral reefs started
Abu Dhabi: The largest project for the restoration of coral reefs has been launched in the UAE capital.

According to details, Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD), has launched the largest project to rehabilitate more than one million colonies in Marjan.

Sheikh Hamdan said that this plan to save the coral reefs is very important, as these reefs are considered important and productive marine habitats.

Coral reefs support the biodiversity of Abu Dhabi and provide a natural habitat for a wide variety of fish and marine life, as well as protecting the coast from erosion as well as fishing, Abu Dhabi They also promote recreational and tourism activities.

Sheikh Hamdan said that despite the harsh climatic conditions for coral reefs in the Arabian Gulf, they could provide suitable habitat for many species of marine life in the region, as they are very flexible which makes them more Can adapt to temperature.

According to officials, 34 different types of hard corals have been found in various places in Abu Dhabi, including Ras Ghanda, Batina, Saadat and Al-Nawf. Under the latest project, nurseries for coral reefs will be set up on the sea floor.

Officials say the most important challenge facing coral reefs is the rise in water temperature, which is a mixture of thermal stress, which results in coral bleaching. This is when the water gets too hot, and the algae in the coral tissues begin to come out, and the coral turns completely white, and this is called coral bleaching.

According to officials, Abu Dhabi lost 73% of its rocks in 2017 due to massive coral bleach, as well as the world lost a large portion of the Great Barrier Reef coral reefs in Australia.

According to the EAD survey, the coral fat situation has improved by 10% to 18% over the past year. It should be noted that this project was launched on the occasion of World Oceans Day which is celebrated on June 8 every year.


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