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A scientific city floating on the sea

A scientific city floating on the sea Experts are going to build a giant ship for scientific experiments that will…

By Jack , in Latest , at April 16, 2021

A scientific city floating on the sea
Experts are going to build a giant ship for scientific experiments that will be a scientific city moving on the sea, this ship will be as big as 3 football grounds.

According to the international website, experts have begun to build a giant temple ship equipped with modern facilities for scientific research, which will be the size of 3 football grounds.

The aircraft will be launched in 2025, will be equipped with 22 state-of-the-art laboratories and will have a capacity of 400 people. Although this scientific research mission will work on nuclear energy, it will not emit any kind of radiation.

Named the Earth 300, which aims to unite science and research efforts to tackle major challenges on Earth, the ship has about 160 scientific requirements, according to Salis Jefferson, founder of the ship’s manufacturer Adidas Yacht. Will meet

The company says the ship will be equipped with green technology used in scientific research and will be powered by a molten salt reactor, a type of nuclear power plant.

It will use molten fluoride salts as a chiller and also work at low pressure.

According to experts, the ship will serve as a state-of-the-art technology platform for science, research and invention at sea. It is to be equipped with 22 laboratories and a robotic system that will carry out scientific research using artificial intelligence.

Aaron Oliveira, CEO of the Earth 300 Project, says that the design, developed by the NED Project, demonstrates the amazing architecture of the ship, which can be found on cruise, exploration, exploration trips and luxury yachts. Will offer features.

The company says the Earth 300 will be a mobile scientific city with ample space for scientific experiments.

The spacecraft, larger than a tie tank and about 3 football fields, is under construction and will be launched in 2025 for a regular scientific research mission.


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