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A giant passenger boat flying in the air

A giant passenger boat flying in the air Rome: Italy’s Lazarini Design Studio has designed a luxurious and gigantic boat…

By Jack , in World Latest , at January 21, 2022

A giant passenger boat flying in the air
Rome: Italy’s Lazarini Design Studio has designed a luxurious and gigantic boat that will fly in the air and land. It is called ‘Air Yacht’.

It will basically be a combination of two airships with a hull in the middle.

Each of these airships will be filled with 200,000 cubic meters of helium gas, which will help keep it high in the air.

It will also be fitted with four large rotors to rotate or change direction during flight, which will receive power from batteries mounted on airships, while the batteries will be charged by the wide solar panels installed on the roofs of these airships. ۔


According to Lazarini Design Studio, the ‘air yacht’ will be able to accommodate 22 passengers very comfortably.

To lift the airplane into the air, the filled helium gas will be allowed to spread, which will lighten the air and slowly lift it up.

Conversely, when this helium is pressed to increase its density, the airplane will also gradually descend.


The airplane will be made of lightweight but strong fiber, while its left and right airships will be connected to the center through eight ‘tunnels’.

In terms of size, the length of the section with airships in the air yacht will be 492 meters while the middle part will be 262 feet long, which will be 33 feet wide.

The right and left sides of the airliner will have comfortable rooms for passengers where they can relax and view the sky and sea from the large windows.

The centerpiece will be transparent with a master cabin, temporary resting place and dining area with a full 360 degree view from sea to sky.


The aircraft will be able to fly at a maximum speed of 111 kilometers per hour, while its batteries will need to be charged after two days (48 hours).


However, after landing at sea level, its speed will be reduced to 9 km per hour.

Air Yat passengers will be able to reach the shore by boat if they wish, and if they are in a hurry, there will be a helipad on the roof of the central part of the Yacht from where they can board the helicopter and reach their destination. Will be able to fly faster.


Despite all its merits and eco-friendly features, the Air Yacht project can be very difficult to put into practice, as memories of the horrific crash of the airship Hindenburg at the beginning of the twentieth century are still haunting.

In this tragedy of 1937, the famous German airship ‘Handenburg’ suddenly caught fire and 36 passengers on board were burnt to ashes.

The second major challenge in the way of an airplane is its recreational purpose and the cost of the flight which will probably be much higher than normal air travel.

At present, various companies are working on powerful and environmentally friendly cargo airships that will be able to transport commercial cargo from one place to another at only 25% of the cost of existing ships.

In such a situation, would anyone spend thousands of dollars on an airplane trip just for fun? We do not currently have an answer to this question.


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